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aircon chemical wash

Chemical Wash & Overhaul

On top of general maintenance, chemical cleaning is beneficial for removing dirt that has accumulated over time.

aircon service

General Service

General Aircon Service includes cleaning the indoor fancoil and outdoor condenser, clearing the drainage piping (to prevent leaking), and checking your air conditioner.

aircon installation

Aircon Installation

We offer a wide range of air conditioning units that are suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

aircon repair

Aircon Repair

We will conduct a test and advise our customers on the cost of air conditioning repair and the number of units that will fail.

General Services

Air-Con Service Rates

Normal Service

One-Time Service

Other Services

Air-Con Service Rates

Chemical Wash

Chemical Overhaul

Aircond chemical cleaning is a method of using chemicals liquid to cleaning every different components of air conditioner .Chemical liquid removes bad odour, stains ,dust,mold that store up for quite a sometime in the aircond .Its can help to clean and solve the clogging of the aircond pipes, flushing out the dirt and disinfects.

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